One very good stud pigeon. This bird has directly or indirectly contributed to a lot of great spinners in my loft.

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Name: Deep Tort
Year: 1998
Sex: cock
Id Band: IRA 2403
2nd Band: ----
Status: gifted
Color: tortoise shell
Eye: yellow
Leg: clean
Markings: fleck
Rolling Style: ----
Family: Gable
Last Owner: James Garcia
No performance data provided.


When Comment
over 8 years ago His mate laid her first egg today. He's still got punch!
over 8 years ago Putting him in with black hen, 2000, x926 to see if they can produce one more round.
over 8 years ago Broke them up since I was not going to be able to let them raise them in that loft. The loft is going to be demolished for my new one.
almost 9 years ago Got him back. Put him down with a nice red grizzle with muffs. Laid first egg today.
over 9 years ago Currently at friends' houses while I build new loft.
almost 13 years ago Off the market...going to raise a round out of him.
almost 13 years ago I'm asking $30 for this cock. He produces a lot of depth in birds. His young typically come in after about 7 months.
almost 13 years ago Putting him up for sale.
almost 13 years ago Put him in an individual pen with the 98 Higgins hen. I think they may get started any day now. She has only produce one bird for me.
about 13 years ago Broke up pairing. Infertile egg.




Year S Band Id Name Description Depth Style Freq. Velocity Maturity
2001 h SFRC 522
--- --- --- --- ---
2001 c SFRC 561
Flew this guy for a few seasons and he was very impressive in the air. Everything that has come out of him has been good in the air as well.
30ft ball 1:30m --- ---
2001 u SFRC 529
--- --- --- --- ---
2001 c SFRC 530
--- --- --- --- ---
2002 c SFRC 423
30ft ball 1:20m --- ---
2005 c NBRC W0696
--- --- --- --- ---
2005 h NBRC W0695
--- --- --- --- ---
2006 h SFRC 325
--- --- --- --- ---
2006 c NBRC G1716
One of Jerry's best birds. After the squirrel ate part of his wing, it was still able to fly and produce.
25ft ball 1:30m 5/sec 6 mos expand
2006 u NBRC G1725
--- --- --- --- ---

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